Adult Cello Promotional Course

February 2022 – Mon 1300 – 1400


This adult cello promotional course is suitable for beginners completely new to the instrument.  Any enthusiastic person aged above 14 with little or no background is welcomed.  The fundamentals of the instrument are introduced.  Simple melodies and scales are also touched upon to give the course a musical dimension.  Students may arrange in different classes in our seasonal course Elementary/ Intermediate/ Advanced level classes depending on their musical backgrounds after the promotional course.  Instrumental rental plan schemes are offered by the Cello Factory for students who do not own an instrument.  Through these promotional courses and rental schemes, we hope to open the door for more people to discover the joy of playing and expressing themselves through music.

Course Code CFM1300-VC0222-BB
Day(s)/ Time Every Monday 13:00 – 14:00
Instructor Mr. Brian Bromberg
Schedule 2022

Feb 21, 28

Mar 7, 14, 21, 28

Apr 4, 11/

Language English Mainly (Mandarin available)
 Age Aged 14 or above
Quota  4-6 people
Venue  Cello Factory Music School
Instrument School offers Home /Lesson Instrument Rental Scheme for promotional course students home practicing and lesson
Course Fee $1440/ 8-lesson  (Hong Kong Cellist Society Membership and First-time course application)

$1920/ 8-lesson (Non-Hong Kong Cellist Society Membership / Retake / Interim Admission Students )

Remark No Make-up lesson for this course.

Leaning materials and instruments are not included in the tuition fee.

Application (1) Submit FM001a_Course Application Form with Bank slip copy

(2) If would like to apply for HKCS membership, please refer to the HKCS website or apply in person

Please read FM001TC_Course Terms and Regulations carefully before applying for this course.

Payment method By Bank deposit. Bank slip copy with student name, class code and contact no. is required to send us by email for confirmation.

(For more information, please read the FM001a_Course Application Form )

Close Application Date 14 February 2021  (Monday)


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