Cello Album “Just Meet You” – Clara Tsang

1st Cello Album On Sale Now

Sometimes we just have to be impulsive and do what we want.  That is why Clara Tsang’s musical story was able to meet people like you.

“Just Meet You” album includes 8 cello pieces and each of them represents a fragment in Clara’s musical story with emotions varied from joyful, tearful, agitated to irritated.  The red album cover is fabric wrapped with engraved letter print for delicate relief and Z-folded inside page unfolds a thinly hazed forest with morning light shining through.  This is a scene from Clara’s dream and recorded her past and present in music.  From the layered music to physical touch of the album, it is hoped that the audience will be able to enjoy Clara’s musical story from every detail.

“To publish an actual CD album on purely classical music in a digitalized world, I feel like a trout working hard to swim upstream.  This is my dream.  I hope that people who love my music will be able to listen to it in my concert and also listen to it anywhere any time, i.e. no time and space constraint.  This is my present for them on our destined encountering.”

—Clara Tsang

1.Jules Massenet Melodie-Elegie Op.10 No. 5
2. Christoph Gluck Melody from “Orpheus and Eurydice”
3. Sergei Rachmaninoff Vocalise Op.34 No.14
4. Alexander Glazunov Chant du Menestrel Op.71
5.  Antonin Dvorak Silent Woods for Cello Op.68 No.5
6.  Alexander Scriabin Romance for Cello and Piano
7. Jules Massenet Meditation from “Thais”
8. Sergei Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata in G minor Op. 19 (3rd Movement Andante)

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HKD $280

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