Clara’s Cello Crash Online Course

Clara’s Cello Crash Online Course

Canon in D

Everyone can play like a professional cellist in 2 weeks!
Self Learning cello anytime anywhere.

What you’ll learn

Play Canon in D as part of a string quartet with musical interpretation in 2 weeks
Understand fundamental cello playing techniques for playing Canon in D
Enjoy playing cello without reading music score
Discover the secret of making cello sound and how to play like a cellist in an ensemble
Challenge yourself and gain happiness along the way

This course includes:

  • ◼ 1 hour on-demand video
    ◼ 27 lessons videos
  • ◼ 4 downloadable soundtracks
        (cello only and string quartet versions)
  • ◼ Access on mobile and TV
    ◼ 6-month access


If you are interested in knowing how to play cello or just simply love to explore a new instrument, this course is perfect for you!

Learning cello is fun and it’s also very easy to start. This is a quick and intensive beginner course tailored to help everyone who want to learn cello but don’t have any music background or knowledge in cello.

In this course, you will:

  • ☑  Learn the very basic and fundamental techniques for playing cello;
  • ☑  Play the cello on your own without any music scores;
  • ☑  Learn how to play the cello part (just 8 notes!) for Canon in D;
  • ☑  Learn the tricks to make your cello sound beautiful with interpretation; and
  • ☑  Become able to perform with a string quartet background soundtrack for social broadcast or live event or private gatherings after 2 weeks!

Who this course is for:

  • •  Anyone interested in playing cello
  • •  Anyone who wants to play music but don’t know how to read music scores
  • •  Anyone who wants to challenge themselves
  • •  Cello beginners


  • ‣  No music background or knowledge in cello needed
  • ‣  Must have a cello and a bow for learning and practice. For Cello Rental, please contact us by email