【Cello Factory】Tame the wolf

“Have you ever heard a wolf cry to a blue corn moon?”

Don’t get us wrong – we are no Pocahontas or wolf hunters.
But we should know how a wolf sounds like if we are string players.

Wolf sound or wolf tone (Listen) is dissonance that may be heard when a string instrument is played and creates a overtone amplifying and expanding the frequencies of the played note. It is named because it is frequently accompanied by a oscillating beating sound which sound like the howling of a wolf.

Many students may think that these dissonances appear because they are not skilful or their instruments are not good enough. But in fact, almost all violins, violas, cellos and double basses have wolf tones and this has nothing to do with the quality, structure or setup of the instruments.

Luckily, we can tune down or eliminate wolf tones during playing with wolf killers or mutes placed on strings and we can also make use of the newly developed modulator to remove wolf tone and even enhance tone colour. Once the wolf is tamed, we won’t be interfered by it when we play anymore.

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