【Cello Factory】Modulator – an innovative and powerful tool

Wolf sound or wolf tone is dissonance created from a string instrument amplifying an overtone and expanding the frequencies of the played note.  Almost all violins, violas, cellos and double basses have wolf tones.  This has nothing to do with the quality, structure or setup of the instruments.  To eliminate this dissonance, we used to install mutes on strings.  But we now have new technology to treat the problem from the instrument itself.


According to research, dissonance appears when the vibration frequency from the volume of air inside the cello almost matches with that from the top of the cello.  The commonly used mute eliminates wolf tone by absorbing vibration.  However, a modulator installed on the face board of the sound box changes vibration frequencies of the volume of air.  Thus the device may cancel out wolf tones with the new frequencies.  Also, it can enhance and amplify desirable tone qualities.


This kind of modulator is small, compact and freely adjustable according to different needs.  It not only kills wolf tones but also enhances sound quality of an instrument.  This innovative and powerful tool can cater for players who have high standards for their performance.

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