【Cello Factory】How to choose rosin?

Rosin is an essential accessory to provide grip on strings and it comes in dark, amber, and light color.  Usually dark (or ‘winter’) rosins have more grip and are particularly useful in areas that have prolonged, extreme cold weather conditions, and generally produces a darker tone.  Light (or ‘summer’) rosins work better in warmer environments because it has a higher melting point, offering a light grip and clear tones.  Some manufacturers will also include various metals such as gold, silver, copper to rosin so as to enhance grip and create special tone qualities.


There are many options in the market for beginners and professional players but it is still common for them to ask which is right to use.  There is really no correct or direct answer to their questions.  However, we can still take temperature, humidity, and personal preference into account when we make our decision and also keep more than one rosin for our different needs.


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