【Cello Factory】Endpin was not a standard attachment at the beginning?

When cello and double basses first appeared, players would place them on the ground and hold them with their legs when they play. But soon it was found that playing with the instruments above the ground would improve acoustics. Some tried to support the instruments with their calves or place them on a raised platform; however, the playing posture was not very comfortable as they had to lean forward in a hugging position during performance which was physically stressful. Later, endpins which could stick into the floor and lift up the instruments were introduced. It allowed more stability and improved posture with enhaced mobility regardless of the players’ physiques during playing.

Nowadays, endpin has become an essential component to cellos and double basses. The extensible rod is usally made of metal, carbon fiber or sometimes wood with a pointed tip to stick to the ground and keep the instrument stationed. But depending on the ground material, pointed endpins can still slip and even cause damage to the flooring such as making chips and leaving small wholes. So make sure you always have rubber tips and/or stoppers ready with you.

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