Seasonal Course

Elementary II – Saturday 11:00 – 12:00 (Technique session)


After finishing the 8- lesson instrument promotional course, students can continue their learning by enrolling in a regular seasonal course.  For individuals with prior experiences in their chosen instrument, an initial evaluation of their skills and background is conducted for placement into an appropriate level.

Cello Factory Course syllabuses are structured in a progressive manner based on achieving the skills necessary to take the ABRSM exams from Grade 1 up to Grade 8.  However, the school’s goal for our students is not solely exam-based.  We hope to develop the musical talent of our students so that they can play a wide repertoire of music at the end of each level and achieve a true understanding and appreciation for their instrument of choice.

As each student progresses in their playing skills, we provide some elective supplementary courses such as music theory, aural training, and music appreciation to develop and enhance students musical training.

Courses are held throughout the year divided into four terms – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  At the end of each term, students from all levels are gathered for a seasonal concert practice so that they have a chance to perform and receive feedback from musicians and instructors.  Each year, a public concert is held where all students have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and results for that year’s hard work.

Class Code

Class time
Every Saturday 11:00 – 12:00

Elementary II

Ms. Clara Tsang

14 lessons

Spring Term (1st Mar to 31st May 2019)


    Course Notice


Tuition Fee

Lesson rearrangement form submit deadline
1st March 2019

Payment method
By Bank deposit to our HSBC account “808-807671-001”. Bank slip copy with student name, class code and contact no. is required to send us by email for confirmation.

Fax (852) 2729 0669


Students: 8 student
Max Students: 8
Duration: 14 weeks
Skill level: Elementary II (G3)
Language: English / Cantonese
Re-take course: N/A

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