Adult Cello Promotional Course 成人短期大提琴試讀班

Adult Cello Promotional Course 成人短期大提琴試讀班

Adult Promotional Course 成人樂器試學課程

This adult course is suitable for beginners completely new to the instrument.  Any enthusiastic person of aged above 14 with little or no background is welcomed.  The fundamentals of the instrument are introduced.  Simple melodies and scales are also touched upon to give the course a musical dimension.  Students may arranged in different classes in our seasonal course Elemetary/ Intermediate/ Advanced level clasaes depending on their musical backgrounds after the promotional course.  Instrumental rental plan schemes are offered by the Cello Factory Music Shop for students who do not own an instrument.  Through these promotional courses and rental schemes we hope to open the door for more people to discover the joy of playing and expressing themselves through music.

本課程適合無接受任何音樂或樂器訓練的初學者,歡迎任何喜愛音樂的14歲或以上人仕參與。導師利用會簡淺易明的教材及實際練習介紹樂器的基本演奏技術,簡單的音階和旋律令學員從輕鬆的課程感受優美的音樂。試學課程完結時,學院會根據學生的音樂背景及進度編排適當的長期季度課程初/中/高班。Cello Factory 樂器店提供樂器租借計劃,優質的樂器配合學員的學習進度事半功倍。我們深信透過這些課程能為大眾打開音樂之門, 一起感受和分享音樂的喜悅。

Target: 對象
Total beginners, completely new to the instrument
Age 年齡
Aged 14 or above
14 歲或以上人仕
Language 語言
Cantonese  and English
Tuition Fee 學費
*Leaning materials and instrument are not inclued 
HKD 960 /8-lesson
(Hong Kong Cellist Society Member the first time enrollment offer)
HKD 1840 / 8-lesson
(Non-Hong Kong Cellist Society Member and retake student)
Quota 名額
8 -10 students each class 每班8 - 10人
Instruement 樂器

School offers instrument rental scheme for promotional course students home practicing and lesson use.

*If applicants may have their own cello, they should bring it to School for condition check up 10-days before the course start. 如申請者自備樂器,請於開課前十個工作天預約樂器檢查時間。申請者之樂器必須通過學院測試方可在課堂上使用。

Application 報名
(1) Free Apply HKCS membership
(2) Submit Course Enrollment Form with Bank slip copy/ Cheque

(3) Read and understand course enrollment Terms and Conditions                  


Remarks 注意
No make up lesson for this course
*If typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted or black rainstorm signal is in force 3 hours before your lesson starts, lesson will be cancelled and no make-up lessons will be arranged. If signal no.8 or black rainstorm signal is lowered 3 hours before lesson starts, the lesson will be continue as scheduled.
Leaning materials and instrument are not inclued in the tuition fee. School offers instrument rental scheme for course students home practicing and lesson use.
學費並不包括樂器及教材費. 學生可於課程確定後向學院申請樂器租用計劃及購買相關教材。
Payment Methods
1. By Crossed cheque: Hong Kong Dollar payable to “Cello Factory Limited”
2. By Bank Deposit: HSBC Account “808-807671-001"
Tel 電話  (852) 2728 7906
Fax 傳真 (852) 2729 0669
Email 電郵 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date Title Venue Course Type
02-09-2017 - 02-09-2017
13.00 - 14.00
Sep Adult Cello One day Workshop - 九月成人大提琴體驗工作坊.發聲練習 Cello Factory Adult Cello Promotional Course 成人短期大提琴試讀班
04-12-2017 - 12-02-2018
19.00 - 20.00
CFM1900-VC1217-CT, Mon 7-8pm, Opened Cello Factory Adult Cello Promotional Course 成人短期大提琴試讀班
24-02-2018 - 21-04-2018
12.00 - 13.00
CFSA1200-VC0218-YL, Sat 12:00pm, 8 seats Cello Factory Adult Cello Promotional Course 成人短期大提琴試讀班