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Orchestral Excerpt Series Course

Orchestral Excerpt Series Course
  • 14 lessons per season, 60 min each (1 concert practice session included)
  • Public concert per year

For those individuals who have passed and achieved playing skills above ABRSM level 8, we provide courses to further their musical training.  An initial evaluation will be conducted to validate that each individual has mastered the necessary skills.  Courses such as orchestral technique, practicing clinics, Grade 8 music theory etc. are offered to give these individuals room for continual improvement.

Courses are held throughout the year divided into four terms – spring, summer, autumn and winter.  At the end of each term, students from all levels are gathered for an annual concert practice so that they have a chance to perform and receive feedback from each other.  Each year, a public concert is held where all students have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and results for that year’s hard work.



學院長期季度課程全年共分為四季:春(三至五月),夏(六至八月),秋(九至十一月),冬(十二至二月) 。學員在每學季結束前均有一課為演奏訓練音樂會,學院內修習不同樂器、不同程度、私人及班際的學生都會聚集一起,進行模擬音樂會的校內演出訓練,接受導師們的公開評審及指導。為了讓學員進一步吸取演出經驗,學院每年都會在大會堂、文化中心、文娛廳等演出場地舉辦一年一度公開性的「學員音樂會」,不但讓學生們展示長期努力的學習成果,還能邀請他們的家人、朋友、同學來支持和分享這份喜悅。為了迎合學生的學習需要,學院還陸續推出大量的音樂訓練課程,滿足和配每位學生的進展。


Tuition Fee: $2400 / 8 lessons (HKCS Members)

Tuition Fee: $2800 / 8 lessons (Non-HKCS Members)

*In English

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