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Music Theory Course

Music Theory Course

Music Theory is an essential part of music instrument learning process, it is important especially for adult beginners. It distills and analyzes the elements of music – rhythm, harmony, melody, structure, form, and texture. The 15-lesson course will introduce students to the most important concepts of music theory, which is suitable for students preparing for ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Examination. All students are highly recommended to take this course together with instrument technique and ensemble course.

Tuition Fee: $5400 / 15 lessons (30 hours) (HKCS Members)
Tuition Fee: $6000 / 15 lessons (30 hours) (Non-HKCS Members)

Course Content:

 Pitch names and notation

 Treble and Bass Clef, tone and semitone

 Major scale, Accidentals, Key signatures,

 Diatonic interval, Circle of fifths

 Musical terms (Grade 1)

 Minor scale, relative minor/minor,

 Octave transposition, tonic triad,

 Musical terms (Grade 2, first half)

 Chromatic intervals, technical names on scale, primary triads,

 Musical terms (Grade 2, second half)

 Alto clef, tenor clef, chromatic scales

 Revision on Key system

 Musical terms (Grade 3, first half)

 Transposition (up & down 2nd, 3rd, 5th)

 Compound intervals

 Musical terms (Grade 3, second half)

 Chord Inversions, Figured Bass, Cadences, All keys on four clefs, recap

 Musical terms (Grade 4, first half)

 Elementary time values, time signatures

 Musical terms (Grade 4, second half)

 Elementary rests, Ties, Dots, double dots

 Musical terms (Grade 5, first half)

 Triplets, Grouping of notes and rests

 Musical terms (Grade 5, second half)

 Compound Time, complex rhythms and rests, Instrument types, duplets

 Grouping of notes in compound times, ornaments, simple melody writing

 More on melody writing, open and close score, Revision on time, rhythms

 Irregular time divisions, melody writing, tempo, dynamic, misc on instruments




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