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Winter Term 2017 lesson rearrangement

Lesson Rearrangement Result 

Winter term 1st Dec 2017 

*Seasonal course lesson rearrangement application - closed application on 1st Dec 2017. 


1. The make-up lesson schedule will be assigned by the School, however, students can make suggestion and the School will take into consideration when they process the lesson re-arrangement. Students should make clear indication about their unavailability in the form.

2. The make-up lesson schedule will be made one time only, based on the availability given by Students. Should Students are not able to attend our suggested make-up lesson; they will be deemed as ABSENT.

3.  All applications for rescheduling of make up lesson will be acknowledged by email on the second day of the term and upload to school website. Due to factors like the lack of suitable classes with provided schedule and physical constraints of the class size control, there can be no guarantee that applications for lesson rearranging will be successful.